Notre Dame update

As this was discussed when it burned, and Aaron modeled it, I thought this video might interest some.
I certainly enjoyed it.
Rebuilding Notre Dame

What is it about ? Comments are disactivated and the video has been blocked by the owner in France :confused: I mean… Just a documentary on how it’s being made or how it should have ?

It’s a NOVA documentary on the rebuilding of the cathedral.

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In the Netherlands it says: video not available in your country… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Same issue in Oz.

VPN change maybe?

The program was interesting, I’m sorry you are having trouble seeing it.

This is what I see

Again, sorry.
I’ve switched my VPN to several countries, and it seems like the video is only available with a US network.

Does this one work?


It worked for me, I hope it did for everyone else.

That version contained much of the material that was in the NOVA broadcast that I posted.

Try this link, it worked for me. And thank you to the original person.

Thank you, it’s an amazing video of what has been lost in today’s societies.

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