Not autosaving every 5 minutes

I’ve had my design open all day. I’m doing some building and occasionally come back to my PC to refer to the sketchup document I’ve created, making the occasional tweak here and there. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now, so I’ve saved it many many times. I was making a modification in sketchup and it crashed. I went to the directory where I’d been saving it, and although there is an autosave file there, the timestamp on it is 9:44am. The crash was at 5:30pm. I opened it, and none of the changes I made today are there. My preferences have autosave done every 5 minutes.

Hi enchant, hi folks.

Personnally, I disabled AutoSave a long time ago.

Since I sometimes work on large model that can take some time to save (10 seconds or more), and since Autosave kicks in without warning, I was confronted with what appeared intermittent temporary freezing of SketchUp.

I do the AutoSave manually, myself.

I have developed the habit of saving when:

  • I think I might be unhappy if something happens and I loose the work I have done in the last few minutes;

  • the telephone rings;

  • a colleague want to talk with me;

  • I have to leave my desk, even for a short period;

  • etc.

If I think that, at some point in my design, I might want to revert back to the configuration in front of me, I save under another name to preserve what I have before moving on with the modelling process. For example, I often add the date on my model like 2015-12-23 at the end of the day. Once in a while, I trash unnecessary versions to free up disk space. Needless to say that any system is valid. Add the hour if needed or a sequential number or a specific precise name like “house with 6 gables”.

Just ideas.