Not able to change edge colors in SketchUp 2017



Hi I’m trying to change the color of my edges in sketchup 2017 to black. I know that the option to change the color is located in the styles window under edit and then color: all same. Usually clicking the box and changing the color to black works but after following these steps nothing happens and the lines remain the default blue color. I never encountered this problem in the 2018 but unfortunately I don’t have that one anymore. Not sure what to do I don’t see any other discussions about this either any help?


Did you change the Edge color to blue at some point? Is it possible the group is still selected? They would appear blue if that was the case. Here is an example that shows the same thing.

Deselecting the component makes the edges show as black as expected.

If that’s not the situation, upload the SKP file so we can take a look.


Okay it looks like I had the group selected. Thanks for your quick reply over such a simple thing!


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