No like icon (heart)

Why is there no like icon visible to me as there used to be when viewing my models. There is favorites star, folder and collections icons but no heart for likes.

can’t like your own models maybe ? It’s assumed you already do or you wouldn’t share them ? :smiley:

On my end, same, no hearts on my models, no stars either. Actually I can’t find models that I can give a star to. I guess they removed it, wouldn’t hold it against them, the star-and-heart rating method felt clunky.

yes. but are you orbsphere ? is this your model ?

we see the heart icon on others models, not on ours :wink:

orbsphere here, hearts there now too. Thanks

Spoke too soon. Next visit a day later and hearts gone again. Maybe problem is which version of Windows being used, Win11 hearts there Win10 no show.

haven’t had the possibility to give hearts to my own models in quite some time.

I’m pretty sure it’s normal, @TheGuz can probably tell

Are you expecting to be able to like your own models? The heart shows up for me on your models.

Liking your own models to boost the number of likes seems kind of narcissistic to me.

You can’t Like (heart) your own models. Others can Like (heart) your models though. You used to be able to Favorite (star) others and your own, but that no longer exists in the new version of 3DW. Keep in mind that if you viewed your model page when not logged in you will see the Like (heart) icon, but if you click on it you will be required to log in. Then after you log in, the Like (heart) icon will disappear on your own model pages.


I like all my instagram posts. it’s all about giving an example for others to follow :slight_smile:

Good, it was confusing, what’s star-deserving, what’s heart-deserving?
I see the Starred models are still there in the private interface though, do you plan on merging the stars with hearts ? how long do people have to transfer stars to hearts ?

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edit : hmm the star is still visible to me when browsing the models of a specific user. not on the object page though.

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You will still see them (star) in some places until we push out the new versions of them. Still a work in progress.

@guz might be able to answer your merging/transferring of favorites questions.

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well of course i’m not liking my own models duh! i get notice somebody liked i look to see how many likes total but no heart as DaveR indicates

Sounds like you want this section back. I’ll let product know. Thanks.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 07.56.14

Yes…that shows the number of “Likes.”
@orbsphere … Only way to get to that now, you have to go to the user’s Public page where all their models are displayed on one page. Then if you click on the image of a model rather then the title of the model, the preview box will open. You will then see the Likes, Downloads and Views totals

No I was looking for what DaveR’s images look like.

Here’s what I get

Yes, you will not see it on your own models. Other users will see it when they look at your model page.

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Well thats just dumb. Others get to see how many likes I get but I have to peck around to find out. Something that makes even less sense, got an email informing me there was a like of a model, checked it out and there it was a heart with a number next to it. For the heck of it clicked on “View Model” and was told I needed to login to view, did that and the heart/number was gone. So logging in and out I found when I’m logged out the hearts there but logged in the heart is gone. So that tells me everone else gets to see how many likes I have gotten whether logged in or not but I only get to see when I’m logged out. So who’s the brainiac that thought that up?

BTW I thought the Star(favorites) were the Heart(likes) I gave others?