No align anywhere I can find

sounds strange, but I looked every where for a simple arrange/align menu. watched videos… but there is no arrange menu anywhere…?

What is it you want to align or arrange? The Move tool will very likely handle handle it. Perhaps you could share at least a screen shot showing what you want to do.

Hi @thomllama,

@barry_milliken_droid’s 2DXY SlickMoves extension does have align and distribute features (Paid. Free trial available)

I agree with @DaveR that the Move tool will get you a long way though.

ya, thought the move tool would work also… “sorta” got it working but far from perfect.

trying to get 2 circles setup to punch holes in a square… they need to be set in and set over a certain amount and spaced properly… thing is to get them set to the correct positions in space is near impossible.
Started using guides which help, but 1.2 the time they don’t work. If I start some where and move the curser to the left, then just go an type a number… guide appears, if I try and do it to the right though,… nothing. it’s kinda sad they don’t have a simple distribute and align tools … that’s like the most basic of all basic tools…

then let’s add that I basically got it where I wanted,… punched the holes and one turned into a multifaceted hole, while the other stays round but has 2 halves… some strange stuff going on. late, going to bed… may start over and doc and take pics as I go… was hoping to print up with the new 3D printer tomorrow,… but that’s not going to happen :confused:

@thomllama: To create a guide, toggle guide creation from the Tape Measure Tool. Creating guides out of thin air won’t work. You have to create them from something, be it an arc’s center, an axis or an edge for exemple.

Using the Move tool then becomes relatively simple, even more so when creating multiple instances:

You can either use inference to align to middle points on edges or type in values to create your guides.

You then just need create one instance and while moving, hit CTRL to toggle copy. In my exemple I create a copy of the original at the end and used /3 to create the other equidistant circles but could have place it next to the first hole and use x3 to create my other instances as well.

Then I infered to the the thickness guideline to push/pull the first holes and simply double-clicked on the others circles to repeat push/pull at the last depth parameter.

Here’s more help on Tape Measure Tool and creating arrays with Move Tool.

Hope this helped! :smile:

There’s also the free (well, coffeeware) S4U Align on the extension warehouse that can come in handy

It’s unfortunate that you reached the incorrect conclusion about the Move tool. I imagine you’d have been printing already otherwise.

Again, it’s unfortunate but as you can see in denisroy’s GIF it is possible with just the Move tool to distribute and align proper circles.

Please, if you are having difficulty with something, don’t wait so long to ask and if you provide a screen shot or better, the SKP file showing what you are trying to accomplish, someone will be on it right away and help you out.

I thought I was the only person who could see the elephant in the room. Now thomllama has seen it too. Alignment and distribution functions have been around in other graphic systems since at least1990: 10 years before SketchUp release 1.0.
Using the move tool requires much too many steps. And you cannot distribute multiple different objects, You can only distribute copies of the same object.
So I developed the extension 2DXY SlickMoves to fill this gaping hole in SketchUp functionality. It’s for manipulating groups and components. For circles, just double click to select the face and edges to make a group. Now all SlickMove funtions will work. Explode at the end if needed…

2DXY SlickMoves was released only 3 weeks ago so few people know about it yet. Watch the demo video and you’ll never go back to using SketchUp without SlickMoves.


I’ll try that… but that’s another thing, I have installed something like 4 or 5 extensions and only one of them works (thankfully it’s the one for exporting stl files to the printer or i’d be SOL using Sketchup)

been playing with 3D on the mac, well since the beginning back in the 90’s. just a hobby for me, but ya, all of them have a basic commons sense align and distribute. Even Sketchup did as I was looking at all the Y-tube videos and even in the “cheat sheet” you guys publish it always refers to an “arrange” menu. #1 reason I was freaking. I sorta get the move tool function, but I MUCH prefer a separate tool. One tool doing too many thing just gets confusing and causes errors in the long run.

All in all I will say Sketchup is pretty cool. one thing they should do though… have an affordable “advanced” version. something like $50 - $100 with most of the higher end functions. $700 is just too much for the average hobby guy like me and with then cost of 3D printers coming down dramatically you’ll make MUCH more money selling 10x the amount of software than charging 7x the price. i just got my little m3D printer for less than the Laser printer. (PS I don’t have it yet, UPS says today!!! :slight_smile: )

Hey, also… thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions!!


Arrange is a common feature of 2D drawing apps, and as you show ‘LayOut’ does have this ability…

for SketchUp, ‘Move’ and ‘Rotate’ are much better suited for it’s 3D environment.


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sorry John, but I highly disagree!! it’s even more important in 3D… again, I’ve been playing with 3D apps since many were infants. And I will re state I’m more hobby than anything and I won’t say I’m even good at them much less a pro, but every time I use one the align and distribution tools get used a LOT!! I’d honestly use one I have but they are more artistic 3D instead of CAD so they don’t function for making precise parts and such.

Just so everyone gets what I’m trying to do here…*(image isn’t great but it gets the basic idea across) *
the image is of the legs to my Quadcopter. they are known to break easy. I need to copy that mounting area, with the 2 holes plus the channels to get it to mount to the quad, then I’m going to design better legs and thinking of intergrading a camera mount setup directly in the leg structure which (in theory) should stiffen them up as well as save some weight as I’d be getting rid of a lot of the mounting parts for camera…

It appears that part is symmetrical. If I was drawing a SketchUp model of it, I would only draw half of it. Then I’d make a copy of the half, flip it and join it to the first half. It would be much faster than trying to lay out all the holes.

In case you didn’t catch it, the cheat sheet in your screen shot is for LayOut, not for SketchUp.

So what parts would you be wanting to use an “align” tool for?

From what I see, it would be an extra step - using the inference system makes sure that you place the parts in the right place rather than having to move them there after creating them. But I might be missing something.

(And with DaveR I would make use of the component and mirror tools)

looks symmetrical, isn’t :confused: though could probably still do that as it’s a minor pull once flipped of one side to get it to match. But, I’m still learning this app!! I’s still trying to figure out how it sometimes makes holes when you move something and sometimes doesn’t. and one time it makes a hole and the edge is divided in to just 2 lines, but the same thing on the other side became multi faucet… :confused:

do what you can with the symmetry and modify further after if needed. If you are getting holes in your model, work at a larger scale and scale down to the correct size.

I would suggest that as you learn to use the tools available, you’ll find you have most of what you need and you can find extensions to do the rest. You n

By the way, the geometry you show in your screen shot is reversed. The blue faces are the back faces and should be on the inside of the shape. You should have white faces showing. I expect you’ll find problems with printing if you leave the faces reversed.

the result is because one side is pulled from an arc that remembers it’s part of a circle and one that has forgotten. If you turn on hidden line, you will see the same lines on the “smooth” side - you can either smooth the other side or un-smooth this one.

BTW all the inside faces should be dark and the outside ones light - mix them up and you will have problems when it comes to 3D printing.

not a clue what you are talking about (well I sorta do… but…) the image is just a flat face… drew the boxes/circles… the pushed/pulled o get the volume… so if it’s backwards then it’s something wit the program…

No. It has to do with the way you drew it but it can be corrected. Select the geometry, right click on it and choose Reverse Faces.

@thomllama, post that skp and someone will make a gif showing some of the basics…