New to SketchUP - Conversion Question

HI, New to SketchUp. Newbie question on file conversion. I have a sketchUP model from an architect and I am wondering if you can create a 2D plan from a model for a layout sheet? I am working with a trial subscription on a MAC. Not sure if this is a simple command I am not aware of.

Also wondering if any of you have used Chief Architect in the past and then switched to SketchUp for your work? Wondering what the learning curve is for a newbie looking to switch platforms with that experience.

Thanks in advance!

You can certainly display a 2D floor plan from a SketchUp model but exactly how depends upon on how the model was made.

I think the best thing as far as learning SketchUp is first, forget Chief Architect. You will just cause yourself frustration if you try to use SketchUp like Chief Architect. Before you do anything else, go to and go through the Essentials tutorials.