New Middle Tier Option - Sketchup Make 2018

I hate to be obvious here, but why on earth don’t you keep the downloadable Sketchup Make as a paid for middle tier option. Many of us don’t need Layout and the other high end Pro options. On the other hand a web based Sketchup is a nonstarter (e.g. we have unstable rural internet connection). You’re missing out on what I think is a significant market. You’re thinking of all in, (Pro) or all out, (Web version) is deeply shortsighted.

Price this mid level option at $150-250 and add some features to it (limited commercial use, nicer rendering perhaps). I love Sketchup but this makes me really question the leadership that came up with this new business plan.


Please don’t repeat your posts. There’s no need. One is enough and it violates the guidelines.

SketchUp Make is still available for download.

You’re not taking into consideration the possibility that Trimble had done market research before making the decision they did. If their research had shown there was a “significant market” for a mid-priced version of SketchUp, you can bet they’d have opted for that. Trimble didn’t get where they are by making stupid decisions.


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