New Interface 3D warehouse

congrats with the new looks @Barry!


Way to go with the design @vixay!

I hadn’t seen the description thing sliding up on hover before. For a second or two I was a bit skeptical but now I think it’s a really good way to highlight the hovered element, as well as giving some extra information for it.

I also noticed the slider handles are now highlighted when the sliders are hovered. However to me they blend quite a lot into the background and almost appears to be disabled due to being gray. Would it be possible to emphasize the handles by making the shadow larger rather than making the handles darker, or slightly increase their size?


A thing I noticed by accident is that if you slide a bit too fast and sloppy you easily end up selecting a lot of the page content. Perhaps this could be tweaked so a mouse click on the slider wont select anything. When I think of it this might be a reason why a lot of users prefer clicking sliders over actually sliding them.


Anyhow, great work with the new appearance!

Thanks @eneroth3! There are still a few fit and finish tweaks that wasn’t complete before it was shipped but I will review your feedback. The slider handles need some tweaking but we will test a few other scenarios since this effects our origin design system.


Shipping is good:

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@MikeWayzovski yes I’m a perfectionist at times but this isn’t a launch blocking thing so it went out since we think our users will benefit more from this new enhancement. Stay tune for more!


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