Need some help to flatten an object, or is it not possible

hey is it at all possible to flatten this object, iv been trying using flattery and getting no where can anyone show me how or even just flatten it as i need it for a template

exhaust.skp (114.6 KB)

Are you sure that’s the right file?

oops iv edit it should be the right file now

I’ve changed the geometry a little bit to get less faces and have used flattery for this example…

exhaust_b.skp (151.6 KB)

Wouldn’t it be easier in this case to get the length of the curves at the top and bottom using Entity Info and then draw a trapezoid (Cotty, there’s that word again. :slight_smile: ) to the correct shape? Set the precision as high as it will go to get the most accurate lengths.

im lost DaveR but if you want the lengths

the top arc is 16mm rad and the length of the arc is 50.3mm

the height is 50mm

the the base is 12.5mm x 33mm with 2mm radius corners

and thanks cotty

I don’t want the lengths. I was just suggesting that since you know the length of the top and bottom edges and you know the height, it would be easier to draw a trapezoid with those dimensions that spend the time flattening the shape you’ve drawn.

Depending on the lengths, the shape might not be a trapezoid.


ok im totally lost now lol

I think the 30.12. will be my personal “trapezoid-day” in the future :wink:

(In this case, you can see that the top is a curve and not a straight line, so the flattened versions isn’t a trapezoid as mentioned by @Anssi)

Here’s what @Cotty and @Anssi are referring to:

Actually, a trapezoid, when you fold it into a 3D shape, results in an asymmetrical shape, like a shirt collar, and many of the possible shapes of the top and bottom edges aren’t coplanar.


thanks anssi just need to see if i can find a sheet metal company, dorset/hampshire that can fold this shape now lol