Need interior room setups urgently-Paid Work

We are looking for someone that knows sketchup well
We are needing someone to create room setups with curtains
We are a curtain company which is needing room setups with curtains for our online website
We need many realistic nice images for our various soft furnishings products
If you can help please let me know as we are needing these urgently
we are wanting to pay $20NZD/per room setup with curtains
if good- many room setups to do (20-30 to start with)
I have attached some reference pics for you to show you the type of thing (not our images)
Once completed the sketchup file/s would be sent through (as sketchup file) and so we can change the color/texture on the curtains themselves as we have thousands of different fabrics)
My Skype id = gary.johnson751

You might also be interested in long term investment by adding your fabrics in a (featured) catalog on the 3D Warehouse.
If the content is good, you will let the thousends of designers who use SketchUp embed your product in an early development stage (once in the design…etc)

Ping @psaal or @Barry for more info


I do this type of work. Here are some references for you (includes various styles, but no curtains unfortunately, but that is not any issue for me):
I could make a start some time next week.

Hi there, thankyou for this advise thanks

Yes please as soon as possible- i checked out your work and yes perfect- looks like you create beautiful work- this would be great- do you have skype? or other? we can discuss please
thanks heaps and look forward to hearing from you

You can email me:
You can upload files, images, etc to:
In due course I will set up a shared folder.
Please provide your business and contact details by either of the above means. Also provide any information you consider relevant to performing these tasks - and I will get back to on Monday with a view to getting a start for you on Tuesday or Wednesday. Turnaround should be fairly quick.
Mike is right about the benefits of the Warehouse. One of my designer clients in Australia does lots of curtains - and uses SketchUp. It is currently the software of choice for designer educational institutions.

Ok great thankyou very much- i will email you all the relevant information including reference images of room setups and curtains and specific information about the amount of room setups and also any other details
thanks heaps