Need help with distorted Layout views


Occasionally in Layout I get distorted views when I switch from raster to hybrid mode for a particular view port. I end up with what looks like a line drawing of the image but about 30% larger superimposed over the new hybrid view. This doesn’t happen all of the time and I haven’t been able to figure out why it does. All of the view ports are from the same model. I would appreciated hearing from anyone that can help me fix this. I am running SU Pro 2015 on Windows 7.



Are any of the viewport set to (modified) in the SketchUp Model tray? Usually, when it does, you can get this sort of result when re-rendering the viewport.
Try to set up one scene in SketchUp per viewport in LayOut


On my current layout page that has 4 viewports all from the same model, nothing shows as “modified” in the Sketchup Model tray. 3 of the viewports render fine in the hybrid mode, while the 4th one does not. Each view was/is set up as a separate scene in Sketchup. The only way I have found around this (sometimes) is to drastically change the perspective of the scene causing the distorted viewport. Unfortunately this doesn’t work when I am trying to convey a certain view!


It would be helpful to see the LO file if you could share it.



I would start by looking for an upgrade for the graphics card driver.


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