Need help with custom staircase

I am trying to make a staircase: i am a beginner to sketchup and have my attempt there right now. please help!

Is this for a school project or something?

no this is just a personal project

Something along these lines?

ya thats perfect!

This is the basic procedure. You will probably find it easiest if you do it in a new file separate from your house and then add it after it’s complete. I’m only showing the treads and no risers. If the stairs also have risers, you’ll treat them the same way as the treads.

Draw one tread and make it a component. Copy it up and back the appropriate number of times to get the required height.

Draw the tube and group its geometry. You’ll probably find it easier to draw the tube on axis and then rotate it to match the angle of the stairs. Let the tub run well past the stairs to make cleanup easier later.

Add vertical and horizontal faces to represent where the tube gets cut at the top and bottom.

Intersect those faces with the tube geometry and erase the unneeded stuff.

Open one of the treads and intersect the geometry with the inside of the tube. Then erase the unneeded geometry.


thank you very much! i will try that

That’s an interesting design. I feel someone should point out however, unless this is a flight of fancy (pun intended) these stairs are way too steep. Stairs always come down to a safe rise and tread based on finished floor to finished floor.
Here’s a comparison of the stair opening in the model and a stair with the same rise but with a more conservative rise and tread. Your building codes may vary.


Probably the design doesn’t have enough headroom either.

If it is steep enough then the headroom is probably OK… if it is more like a ladder than a staircase !!!

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To me it appears more like an inviting path to a client’s untimely demise.
Even real ships ladders have railings.

Almost a Jefferies Tube? (The thing Scotty had to climb up anytime something needed fixing)

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