Need help in forming anamorphic 3D shapes using SketchUp Make 2017

Good afternoon all,

I am trying to model a 3D anamorphic sculpture in SketchUp Make 2017 on my MacBook Pro OS High Sierra.

This is what I mean by 3D anamorphic sculpture:

The source for this image is:, and the sculpture is credited to Markus Raetz.

The sculpture I have in mind is one contiguous shape, rather than the separate letters seen in this image. Could you give me advice/directions on how to ‘sculpt’ an object in SketchUp Make 2017 so that it looks like the letter ‘A’ from East-West, the letter ‘B’ from North-South, and the letter ‘C’ from Top-Down. If you can not easily figure out how to add the 3rd anamorphic shape (letter ‘C’), just two (letters ‘A’ and ‘B’) will still be very helpful.

I know these sculptures exist, and I want to figure out the technique to sculpt any anamorphic sculpture.

Thank you all,

Model the front, top, and side views and use Push/Pull to extrude them through each other. Then intersect faces and erase the unneeded bits.

I did that for this.

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Thank you for this advice. This is what I tried originally, but I fumbled it somehow. I will give it another shot and be more careful.

So many parts of this request make me cringe, you want us to explain to you how to copy a sculptors work so you can make your own using the free version of the software.

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Please leave your negative judgment aside. The help
@DaveR DaveR gave was succinct, to the point, and exactly what I was looking for, with a graphic example as well. I am not as familiar with SketchUp as you all, so I am happy to be given help here.

I am confused how I am stealing. I admire his work, and I cited the source and sculptor. I want to create art in a similar style. How is this stealing from sculptor and trimble? Maybe I am just naive and foolish. I wish you did not jump to such aggressive messages. I am just looking for help. Isn’t that what forums are for - experts help those who are learning.

Perhaps look at it this way.
After much thought and life experience a person produces a banana, this banana is not an orange. The rest of the world may or may not care about his banana, but either way it is his, and not an orange.
Others see his banana and find it fascinating…it isn’t an orange…what is it!? They try to replicate it but end up with a kumquat. They keep trying and eventually make a banane…close enough.
So now we have an idea distilled down into someone else’s good enough.
Next step is you taking that and, not asking us how to teach you to create it, but just how to do it for free.
This is how crafts and culture are destroyed.

The short way to do this effect is to use solid tools, intersect, where the two intended versions are crossing each other at the desired angle. See this:

NoYes.skp (198.1 KB)

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But not with SketchUp Make.

Intersect with selection, and a small amount of cleanup, gets you there too.

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Which is what I described.

Ha! I was busy answering the duplicate post, then didn’t fully scan through the answers in this one.

So, the model you created was not using SketchUp Make, correct? Is ‘solid tools’ an extension only available for SketchUp Pro?

How do I delete a duplicate post? I unintentionally duplicated, and maybe I’m just too dense to find where to delete past posts.

It already is showing as marked for removal. I can delete it to make sure.

That would be great, thank you! So, there is no way to delete your own posts retroactively?

Solid Tools is included with SketchUp Pro. If you are only a hobbyist and using Make you won’t have access to those tools. I did take advantage of the Solid Tools for my example but it can be done with Intersect Faces and erasing what isn’t needed.

Of course if this is sculpture thing is part of your work, you would need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Make and then you would have access to the Solid Tools anyway.

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