Names of named groups reseting to default "group" name when grouping

Sketchup Pro 2023 latest version seems to have a problem when I group named groups.

Lets say I create 4 groups, called “part 1”, “part 2”, “part 3”, “part 4”, then I want to select them and group the four parts as a group with the intention of calling that “assembly”. As I select the four groups for grouping into the new group, at some point, some or all of the group names default back to “group”.

I have been using SketchUp for 10+ years so I don’t think it’s “operator error”, but there’s always that possibility.

Is this a known problem?


I assume that it happens when you select them in the outliner panel right ?

if so, it’s a known bug, we hoped to have one last update in 2023 but I guess it’ll be fixed in 2024.

normally, selecting stuff on screen (and not in the outlier) shouldn’t rename groups. normally.

Yes, it’s when I select in the outliner.

Thanks for the info.