Mysterious crash when undoing attribute changes

I have SketchUp 2017 (17.2.2555, 64-bit) and when I execute the following lines in the console window on an empty file, I get a bugsplat. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Sketchup.active_model.pages.add "page"
Sketchup.active_model.start_operation "operation", true
Sketchup.active_model.pages[0].set_attribute "dict", "key", "value"

This is the smallest repro case I could come up with, but of course I need it in a real-world scenario, that keeps crashing when using undo, too.

(crashes also with SU2016)

Nobody have any clues? Did anybody ever try to set attributes of pages?

Can anyone at least reproduce the issue? I did send the crashreport in both SU2016 and SU2017 but did not hear back from anyone. How long does it take normally?

Apparently there aren’t many people using attributes for pages. (Or else they don’t undo)

I’ve tried this all the way back to SU 2014

I can’t follow the logic of why you would have a ‘commit_opperation’ or an ‘undo’ in this situation…

wouldn’t page.delete_attribute("dict") be safer?


In my production code there is only lines 2-4, setting the attribute of the page. Then I experienced crashes and found out that it was related to undo (which I did using the SketchUp GUI). Fortunately SketchUp supports undoing via script, so I needed only a script to reproduce the crash.

I can’t release a plugin that crashes when the user triggers an undo command, so I think I will store the data elsewhere.

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