My.sketchup component libraries

When i used the PC version it was easy to find components by SketchUp. They seemed to work the best. IN the chromebook version, I can not find them despite using all different search words. Has anybody encountered this or found a solution???

I would expect you can use search operators author:SketchUp to restrict the results. I just noticed this is not (yet?) possible.

You can easily search in another browser tab in 3D Warehouse, but to bring a model into my.sketchup, you either have to download it to a temporary location and click the top left button “Insert file” to select the file. Or you copy the model title or description or tags and put them into the search field of my.sketchup, hoping they are not too generic.

thanks…but I do not think the 2nd solution is feasible with a class of 25, 6th graders. I switched to the PC app. I understand the Chromebook App is in beta and I am sure by September of the next school year there will be many improvements!

@Aerilius you are correct, we are currently not supporting the search operators but that is on our upcoming roadmap.

@edavisiii would the addition of search operators help you out to reach parity with the PC version or are there other issues you are having.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Aerilius Yes it would…thank you. My students enjoy the program and the projects!

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