Multiple dynamic component

Hi everybody

I made a component with many components inside. Although is very big works really ok.
The total components definition are 7536 and I wonder if there are many components bigger than mine?

I’ll say you win for the largest number of components. I can’t imagine why you would need such a huge number for just a window. I doubt any real window would have that many discrete elements.

Although dynamic components are great to use when they’re done well, I must say, one of the things that has always bothered me about them is the forced complexity of objects to make them work. For example, in the real world, a piece of glass might be a simple cubic solid with 6 faces and 12 edges, but to make it resizable in a dynamic component, it must be cut up tic-tac-toe style into 9 pieces thus increasing the polygon and edge count by almost an order of magnitude. If you have to change the color/texture of those faces by hand with native tools, it’s maddening. (Discovering Material Replacer solved that problem very well.)

No doubt, the move to Live Components addresses that as well as a bunch of other stuff.

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There is no reason why a simple rectangular “block” of material like a pane of glass should be split into several parts to make it work in a dynamic component. It can be resized with simple length parameters. Only more complex things must be configured in this manner.

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Thank you Dave

I knew that is really big but not the No 1.

It isn’t a window, it is almost all the vertical sliders in one.
I can easily change mouldings, glass, glazing bars layout and of course all the sizes.
I can also generate cutting list and quotations.

Although I can not protect it if somebody is interested I can share.


I don’t know if yours is the largest Dynamic Component ever but I’d bet it ranks up there.

Thanks for the offer. I guess I wouldn’t use it in any architectural modeling I would do. It would add too much file bloat for my taste.