Multiple Attribute in a Nested Component with multiple Rotation attributes but different axes

I’m trying to animate the mechanism of a bottle shelf. There are six shelves. All shelves must maintain a horizontal position while they pivot from a common axis. Attached is the sketchup model 2020. I was able to achieve my intension when activating the level 2 shelf. My problem is when I combine them in a component single click, error occurs and does not perform what I intend to. Kindly help me with this? Thank you in advance.EO Cabinet_Mech.skp (881 KB)

Place or nest objects that move with another within that object, like a hand is connected to the arm., the shelves to the post.
Animation is always activated at the same level, any lower ones cannot be accessed as their parent will shield them from the interaction tool
Axis is important, I shifted the shelf axes to their point of rotation
Although you can string onclicks, they will fire simultaneously unless governed by a condition
I prefer to use a single attribute and use that as a reference for various actions

bottle cabinet.skp (3.0 MB)

I exploded the bottles as it seem to make the movement more jerky, however will look into an alternative to keep the file size low

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Thank you for this very helpful solution. I’ve been using sketchup for a long time but just had taken time now to start modeling dynamic components. I’ll be glad to see your solution in action but can’t open the 2021 file into my licensed 2020 version.

2020 version
bottle cabinet.skp (8.6 MB)
the size dramatically increases with the conversion
So will ask you to look at the formulas, nesting and hopefully you will be able to apply the concepts to your own model. Otherwise in about 12 hrs will redo on 2018 without the explosion of the components

bottle cabinet 2.skp (929.1 KB)

Wow, what you showed me here in this example is really very helpful for me to proceed in modeling dynamic components. It’s seems difficult at first glance but when I understand it, it makes dynamic components more exciting to model. Thanks a lot.