Multimodality - how does it work in SketchUp?

As a novice user, I am not using many of the functionalities in SketchUp yet.
At this time, the number of available tools and options in SketchUp Pro interface is rather distracting, and I am wondering about the possibility of adapting the interface to my needs;, e.g. only showing the icons and functions that I need to be using. I think I have heard that such a feature is available in SketchUp, but I am yet to understand how.

So my question: what options are there for multimodality within the interface of SketchUp Pro?

I look forward to your responses and thank you for reading!

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Toolbars (Microsoft Windows)

Toolbars and Tool Palettes (Mac OS X)

Never underestimate your ability to help, because your answer fully assisted me in finding out about what I needed to know!