Multifunctional washer


Can you combine a sink, shower, dishwasher, and washing machine into one device? They all basically wash stuff, so they serve similar purposes.


I imagine you could do that. I don’t know how well dishes would survive the spin cycle. I get dizzy just watching the toilet flush so I sure wouldn’t want to ride through the spin cycle either. Some might think it’s a thrill ride.


Don’t forget about the car!


You could just take your dishes into the shower while you are fully clothed and clean everything at once.


That’s a good point.


:rofl: That’s genius. You could probably get a nice refreshing cup of water while you’re at it.


I stopped doing that and started closing the lid when I heard of aerosols.


…or food prep! As with many ideas, there’s a Seinfeld episode that explores this.


This is as close as I could come. Rube Goldberg, the cartoonist, has the distinction of being the oldest person ever to win the Pulitzer Prize.


When I lived on a boat for a year that’s pretty much how we lived. You can also include toilet to the list!


That was hilarious. :rofl:
Showering while doing the dishes & laundry might be gross, but if we could only figure out a way for the multifunctional washer to work properly…

I considered adding toilet to the list, but I thought it’d be unsanitary to combine a washer with a waste removal component. Although, I’m sure there’s a way to combine them in a sanitary way…


The water can come from the same source but exit via different pipes. All of our water except for the toilet just goes into the canal, that’s why we did not use soap with chemicals for washing (us/dishes).


Some inspiration…

Sink Washing Machine Combo

Sink Toilet Combo

Shower Sink Toilet Combo

Washing Machine Toilet Combo

Washing Machine Dishwasher Combo


Washing Machine Mode

Dishwasher Mode


We had two sinks, one for washing food/plates and one for washing hands and clothes, the toilet/shower was the same thing pretty much.

I made this SketchUp model of the interior at the time. It looked nicer and less grey in real life :joy:

I would say as long as everything is kept clean it’s fine to mix and match water uses (toilet exception!).


This sounds like a job for Wallace and Gromit…


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