Moving addons and plugins from 15-16 Pro

I have Sketchup Pro 2015, I want to upgrade to 2016 Pro, I don’t want to loose all my addons and plug ins.
Is there a way I can upgrade without having the hassle of re installing every addon and plugin?

It’s best to install fresh to make sure you have the most current ones. Also use this as an opportunity to skip the ones you don’t use. If you used Sketchucation’s Plugin Store tool, you can use it to install many of your extensions as a bundle.

It’s always best to install new for a new install so you know you have the latest plugin versions.
All the plugins you installed via the Extension Warehouse can mostly be auto installed as a group.
Installing the Sketchucation Plugin allows you to easily reinstall everything from there. It also has the option to install a full Bundle from one version to another. So if you have used it to install all your plugins in 2015 you can select that whole collection of plugins and Auto install them to 2016. And be notified when there are updates available.
Plugins from other sources should be redownloaded and installed as necessary.

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To add some background to the recommendation both DaveR and Box gave:

In every new release of SketchUp there are changes that can affect extensions/plugins. Some plugins are fine, some encounter minor glitches, and others fail catastrophically. There is, unfortunately, no reliable automatic way to determine which ones will go which way. Also, Trimble themselves only develop a handful of extensions out of the many thousands available, and only a fraction of the independently developed ones are distributed via the Extension Warehouse vs other reliable sources or directly from the author. Aside from the EW, Trimble can’t know where or when you got your extensions, so they rely on the extension authors to check their own work and issue revisions as necessary.

So, simply copying your existing Plugins folder contents is a gamble. One badly failing plugin can completely destabilize SketchUp, and it can actually take more time and effort to track down the offender than it would take to do a clean re-install of the plugins you need.