Move glued components with object?

Right now I’m using transformation= to move a ComponentInstance, but this doesn’t move any components that are glued to that object like the Move tool does. I also tried move! and transform!. I don’t see any way to get a list of glued objects either (no corresponding method to Face.get_glued_instances). Is this possible? Hoping for a solution that works with 2017+.

Try something like …

# Where ci is a reference to the component instance:
ents = ci.parent.entities
glued = ents.find_all {|ent|
  ent.respond_to?(:glued_to) && ent.glued_to == ci
grp = ents.add_group(ci,*glued)
# Where t is a reference to a transformation:
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Perfect, thank you! Instead of the group I ended up using ents.transform_entities, because add_group was crashing for me, and I could guarantee that ci.parent would not be in the active path (except the Model).

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Okay, I was not sure that they’d remain glued if transformed individually.

It turns out that Entities.transform_entities actually moves glued objects correctly! I never tested that because I assumed it would be the same as transform!. So I can reduce that code to ci.parent.entities.transform_entities(t, [ci]).

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Good to know!

And, you don’t actually need the literal array as a 2nd argument, as the method will also take a list of entities.