Move Current Axis w/o changing the Axis Rotation

I’m looking for a way to ONLY move the current axis without having to set/reset the x/y/z-axis separately.
Either natively or via an extension.
Any thoughts?

Right click on one of the Axes,
Choose ‘Place’ and a point in model and then triple click.

Otherwise, rightclick and choose ‘Move’ , enter a length in one of the directions and hit Enter

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• The Global Axes are inalterable.
Coordinates displayed by the Query tool (plugin) are Global Axes coordinates.
By default, Leader Text attached to an Endpoint displays the Global Axes coordinates.
Camera > Standard Views relate to the Global Axes.

The R-G-B Drawing Axes are adjustable.
Right context click on any drawing axis to see their context menu . (Do this away from any geometry)

In the Drawing Axes context menu:
Place activates the Axes Tool
Move Opens the Drawing Axes dialog enabling you move the Drawing Axes origin a set distance and or rotate the Drawing Axes a set amount about any of the three axes.
Align View Places the camera along the Z (blue) axis and perpendicular to the plane of the X and Y axes.
Typically that’s looking straight down at the ground plane, but it depends upon how you orient the axes.
Reset returns the Drawing Axes to their default position, aligned with the World Axes.
Hide turns off the view of the Drawings Axes. Click … View > Axes to turn them back on.


Thank you so much Mike!

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