Models in 3D PDF

Does anyone publish their models in 3D PDF?

If so, what software do you use to generate the 3D PDF?

It has been discussed in the forum a lot.
Check these:

After some research and testing, I am finding generating 3D PDFs can be very useful, they are not a good option for sharing on a website. Most of the browses will not display them. You can provide links to download them but not view them properly within the browser. Apparently IE 11 is the only browser that still allow the user to view them inline correctly.


Check out They support over 20 CAD formats to 3D PDF. These are the guys that took over 3D PDF from Adobe years ago. There have some cool new tools with a plugin called Enrich also you should check out.

You can view 3D PDF with FireFox and Safari, you just have to set Adobe Reader as the default. The guys from Tetra have a free mobile viewer in the Google play store too.


Thanks Jordan, it is an interesting program. Several similar features as SimLab. However, I did not see the ability to add animations. Maybe it is there and I just missed it. The SimLab Composer software also give the ability to convert my models to WebGL but I like looking at other software. No one piece seems to fit all environments. I did see many interesting features with Tetra4D.

After doing a little more research, it seems to me that I might want to go down the WebGL road a little more than the 3D PDF. A lot of obstacles on that one since you can no longer play them in a browser window.

I just took a second look at them and also talked to them online and the only SketchUp file types they support at least on their list) is ifc and wrl files. I am exchanging emails with them so if I come up with any further information, I will pass it along.

I have suggested to them that they should look into supporting SketchUp. :slight_smile:

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Also $$$$$ - I usually immediately bypass any website that has the line

“for pricing talk to our sales representative”

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