How do I export SketchUp files to 3D PDF preserving layer information?

How do I export Sketchup files to 3d PDF preserving layer information? I can do it without layers exporting to vrlm then to u3D and then to 3D PDF but I am losing the layers in the process (see my other recent thread)

Maybe ther right question is in what 3D format should I export to save the Sketchup layer info

SimLab has a 3D PDF exporter that you might find of interest.

Also there is an alternative free method: Design Spark Mechanical software imports .skp files directly (version 2014) and exports 3D pdf with layers etc. You can also use the software to edit geometry.

Thanks a lot, that is what I was looking for !

Well it makes the export cleaners and easier than my current process but if does not create layers
I will check to see if I can do that in Adobe acrobat
The biggest gain with this is that the objects are imported individually, no layer importing happening
I guess I can try to create the layers there and assign objects there and then eventually try to export that

My target is to get 3D PDF with layers

Keep in mind that layers in SketchUp are not the same as layers in other programs. There isn’t a direct translation.

Yeah i think that that is the reason
However grouping the objects together translates to a layer (groups of objects that can be shown or hidden) in Acrobat Reader.

I guess that is the best that can be done considering the conditions

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