Modelling related help

Im looking for help related to modelling…Can anyone tell how to do models for organic shapes.Im looking for a leaf shaped pattern truss on an parabolic roof model…Can anyone help me with it.
I have attached the refernce of the leaf and my modelScreenshot (870) palm-leaf-vector-4660033

What kind of truss? What is the material, industry, context, size of the thing you are modeling? What is the end use of the model itself? Is this for visualization, or 3d printing or for detailed construction drawings?

Helping steer you toward the right tools and process depends a bit on what outcome you are looking for. So it’s necessary to understand more details about the model you wish to make. It’s hard to give advice from scratch, once you start tackling the model yourself and are stuck on a specific part then posting the model here is a great way to get assistance as you go along. That way we can see what you are going for and give you good relevant advice that fits your situation. Otherwise, words are open to misinterpretation. If you say “truss” to me, this is what you get…

Im basically looking for 3d visualization for rendering purpose

And it is for a terminal project

Right, great. That’s a bit easier as you can fudge the details and focus on big picture. What about materials and scale do you have an example or image of what kind of trussing you are looking for?

Terminal: as in airplane or railway terminal? as in large space architecture?

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I have attached an image as a reference.
In that image the spines are elevated as a birds wing, but in my case those leaf based pattern will blend with the paraboloid roof

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Its a interstate bus terminal

I want a set of pattern which i have created onto the profile and shape of the roof.
Can anyone help me with it

That spiky pattern, with the points radiating away form the spine? If you turn on hidden geometry there are already facets shaped roughly like that, you could draw or copy paste the exact shape of your pattern onto each appropriate face?


But my roof has bends in it. Its not at a perfect angle
I will attach my 3d model u can try and have a lookRoof Detail.skp (6.9 MB)

Can i get to know how to bring that pattern along the roof profile??
Is there any trick for it

Yes, use intersect. Make a cutting pattern from the pattern you want by push pull, that intersects with your shape. Then open the shape for editing, select the face and right click, and choose intersect with model. Then you can erase the sections you want to discard.


Thats really cool and amazing
Thanks alot

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Glad to be of help. Post some pictures of what you achieve! It would be great to see your work. :+1:

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Yes sure why not…Hope the output is achieved as expected
Thanks much

But there is a mistake noticed in the video shared…The sharp ending point are only in the top most point of the roof,it has gradually flattened as it decends down.I want them sharp everywhere

Then you need to scale each individual cutting piece to the right size so that it cuts with it’s point at the edge of the shape.

okay.But there is a plugin named Floify. I tried with that its not happening
May i get help on it??

Sorry, I do not use Floify. Perhaps if you start a new thread with Floify in the title someone who does will notice and be able to assist. With native tools you could set the camera to parallel projection from the top and scale each cutting leaf to fit the shape.

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Well done…thanks for your time in helping me out