Modeling the Mars Helicopter

Could it be someone has already modeled in SketchUp (not “live” of course)?

Hi I am Aarush Sobti from New Delhi India , I am currently learning 3D Modelling using Sketch up. I have made model of mars Helicopter with help of your you tube video. I have two questions :

  1. How to create a watermark in Sketchup web
  2. How to create shadow .
  3. Attached my model for your guidance.

Mars Helicopter (1).skp (980.7 KB)

Your guidance will help me .

Aarush Sobti

It also depends on what kind of watermark you want

Thanks @mihai.s. Really appreciate. I have completed my model Please feel free to suggest if I can add anything


Mars Helicopter.skp (2.9 MB)

I’m new here and am modeling the Ingenuity Helicopter in a different way: I am building a flying RC model with about an 18" rotor span. Not “from scratch”, I’m adapting an existing coaxial model to my scale model of Ginny. Your photos and renderings here will be a great asset in building my model.


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I saw your discussion of this project on the UnmannedSpaceflight forums. Good luck!

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