Modeling St. Patrick's Cathedral, Live!

Bring out your shamrock shakes: Aaron is taking on a 17 March challenge in modeling the facade of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York!

The recognizable building took 30 years to build. Aaron thinks he can model it in two hours! Can he do it? Tune in to find out.


I know Aaron likes a challenge, but in 2 hours I’d expect the whole cathedral LOL.

But to be fair, use it as a warm up for doing this one …

or this famous asymmetric one with a ‘Luke Whitelock’ style window …

Aaron’s live now! Come join the stream:

from St. Patrick's Cathedral - AIA

I was messing about with Gothic architecture recently.
This was more hours than I care to count but the finished window is a solid.
That St. Patrick’s round window would be a great project. I might give that a go later.