Modeling an Old School Surveying Tool with Tyson!

Let’s all hang out with Tyson as he models a real word item!


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Would that be a theodolite then?

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Or a hose filled with water?
Or a plane table?

In the 60s and 70s we use the hose with water and it worked great.

In 2002 and 2003 I used such a hose to level pavers over a large distance (more than 50 feet) around my house. It worked very well.

Something along these lines…


also the story of if,:

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The Egyptians used this for getting a level:

It also looks like how the got their design idea. “Lets make it pointy on top, like this thing”

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Nixie tubes x 4:


Hi Aaron, How did you get one with modeling a Louvre:

Honestly, I did not give it a try… seems like a simple enough shape though…

Possibly but I couldnt figure it out how to peel up a louver opening.
could you offer some suggestions thanks

Super quick…

Step 1 - Draw rectangle
Step 2 - Pull up rectangle (Push/Pull)
Step 3 - Move the back line down the the lower surface
Step 4 - Use Move tool again to move back corners inward
Step 5 - Select and Delete the bottom face

From there, the three faces that make up the vent can be copied in an array.

Hope that helps!

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Maybe this way.

Louvre.skp (331.1 KB)