Model looks great in SketchUp but is a mess in Slic3r


I’m a newbie to SketchUp and modeling, but have had great success 3D printing other peoples’ models. I’m using a Prusa MK3, and I use Slic3r Prusa Edition for slicing.

I have some inset text on my object which is slightly raised on one side of the object, but is on the same plane as the bottom of the object. I have a feeling that some of my problems are coming from the intersecting text and object layers, but I’m not sure how to clean them up (deleting lines deletes part of the mesh).

When I open the item in Slic3r, there is also a 2D, solid layer underneath that looks almost like it’s laying on a piece of paper! I can’t see anything that might be causing it in SketchUp.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give. I’ve tried looking around the forums and watching tutorials, but I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong!

Here’s the model link on 3D warehouse:


You need to fix all of the things listed below.

Here are the results of your model after it’s been inspected by the Solid Inspector 2 plugin.

For 3D printing you want to make a ‘water tight’ solid, with no superfluous geometry.

this means no holes (which water could leak out of), and no extra elements (such as hidden internal faces, or extraneous lines/edges), etc…

The lettering is pushed into the disc … the internal cross sections here should ideally be hollow (or with no internal faces).

You’ll also need to clean off the top… what’s a slicer program supposed to think when it sees all of these extra edges… :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jim. This is tremendously helpful and I’m off to go install that plugin now. :slight_smile:


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