Model freezing regularly

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Wondering if anyone else has the issue of small size models regularly freezing? Working on Mac with graphics card. I don’t get bug splat but get the colour ‘thinking’ wheel that doesn’t go away causing me to force quit in order to restart the model. Frustrating. Even saving after each action time is lost in force quit/restarting the model.

Also any Australian users out there that know of how to access local help from Sketchup? Finding it really difficult to talk/message Sketchup directly to troubleshoot.

TIA community!

I’m not a Mac user but to start with could you upload a model that is giving you problems so we can rule the model out.

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What specific model and configuration of Mac? On my MBP I’ve only seen that happen when a model is truly “heavy” (millions of edges and faces) or when an extension needs a lot of time to complete (e.g. cleanup of a heavy model). Those sorts of freezeups aren’t unique to Mac.

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My guess is a 2015 iMac based on the specific graphics card she has listed. It should be a capable machine for most reasonable models.

Close :slight_smile: Its a 2017 Mac and you’re right! My Mac should be more than capable. It was purchased specifically for SketchUp modelling. The file size is a tiny 11.6MB too so it’s puzzling… and not the first time I’ve had issues with running my models.

I’ve tried to contact sketch-up help directly to get advice but its near impossible to reach anyone. I’ve tried searching for Australian local phone numbers, emailing and live chat. No dice.

Hola my Mac is pretty new and bought specifically for SketchUp modelling.

Processor 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB

… actually just noticed the specs say ‘late 2015’ model. You know your Macs! It was bought early 2017…

Would love it if you could help me rule out the model think its attached now. New to this forum so forgive me if it hasn’t worked.

Model comprises mainly components sourced from the library, but I was careful to pick ones with small file sizes to try and limit the issue of excessive edges and faces.


I have no issue navigating your model.
It does have some problems with incorrect layers/tags and quite a few reversed faces.
Also be careful of what you download, size isn’t always a good indicator. Too many components or over nesting can slow things down even in a small file size.
The treads on the tyres of the lawn mower for example are made up of many components, reducing file size but not reducing Sketchup’s need to render them.
Turning off profiles and back edges will help too.

are you auto saving to a slow storage space?

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You have Edge Style / Profiles turned on. Turn that off and you will be shocked at how smoother the movement becomes.

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