Microsoft surface laptop 4 vs Macbook pro

Hiii theree, i am conscidering buying the microsoft surface laptop 4 or the macbook pro, since I need it for school. However, i am not sure if both devices will be compatible with sketchup pro. Anyone that can help? :wink:

Not sure what your budget is, I rate the XPS as you can use a stylus with it Dell XPS 15 9510 review: Come for the screen, stay for everything else | Ars Technica

For your question it will work on both, depends on what spec of SB4 and MBP you get they come in many flavors.

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Integrated graphics only. As comes to “design” Windows laptops, some Asus Zenbooks are available with discrete graphics.

The Surface laptop 4 has Intel’s XE integrated graphics, which is 50%++ faster than previous generation (630) integrated graphics… but officially I don’t know if XE is supported by SketchUp.
For reference, the XE is half the performance of the basic and older GTX1050 (“discreet”) graphics card which i tend to recommend as the “entry level” for SketchUp Pro.

You may get okay sketchup performance from the XE if your display resolution is limited to 1080p (FHD or FHD+)…but a UHD (~4k) display may run a lot slower.

I like the XPS 15", the HP Envy 14", and the Asus ROG Flow 13" models but all have pros and cons.
dependong on what you need/want. If it’s for school, wouldnt you want something a bit tougher and with longer battery life?

Apple’s M1 processor appears to be at least as fast as all of the above (depending on the application) so the choice may come down to price, and compatibility with other devices and things… (it might pay to ask about what works best for school between windows vs mac).

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The larger models have a dedicated GPU.

Thankss for your advice! I was also looking into the dell XPS, however my prange range will be between 1000-1200, so i think the XPS will be a little bit to much.

Thanks for the advice, and headsup to the other laptops! Which version of the HP Envy 14" would you recommend?

What monetary unit ?

(If budget is a major factor then refurbished units might be attractive.)

This list show Dell models with discrete Nvidia graphics …

Why would it be fine for Pro and not for Make they are essentially the same thing?

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I find Make to be much slower for me. I’m on this forum right now because Make is giving the blue wheel of death…

Not sure the exact model mumber, but look for these specs at a minimum:

Intel Tiger Lake Core i5-1135G7
1980x1200 pixel NON-toch display
GTX1650ti GPU

Can’t really give you a “recommendation” since you dont provide enough information about what you need this for… other than SketchUp Pro of course. It’s a bit like saying “recommend me a car to drive from home to school” :slight_smile:

Want a laptop that’s compact & stylish, AND powerful, AND cheap???
Tough luck - pick any two :stuck_out_tongue:

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why non-touch @AK_SAM?

In this case, they cost more …and who actually uses it for anything productive?? (unless you’re a sports commentator). I like them for presenting to groups and making “whiteboard” style notes…that’s about all.

Also, shiney screen + touch = mega fingerprints, looks like ■■■■.

The basic touch screens are generally a bit hopeless for accurate drafting or design purposes. When you get up to higher-end models like the Spectre or Surface Book (basically any models with an active stylus) then they become more competent, but still not considered good enough for pro graphic artists. Architects sketches…maybe…but not in a laptop format. An ipad or detachable screen version works okay for sketches cos you can use it just like a piece of paper (rotating and such while you draw). Otherwise…clunky.

My opinion/experience, of course.

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OK, 1st, thanks for the detailed response.

I agree, MS WB is about all I use it for.

I again agree, although I am 13. :joy::joy:

(me) yeah it is pretty good. I don’t have an iPad but have used one so can see what your saying about clunkiness.

Its mainly that the touch versions can be used with a stylus pen, so when it comes to design software can very handy and precise indeed.

Although Sketchup runs fine on Macs, it does just run better on PC devices. The difference is mostly only noticeable when using Layout, but it does feel more natural on a Windows-based computer. I tried an i7 Mac and one of the brand new M1 Macs. Just not as good as a PC. But like, fine.

Also, the Dell Outlet has a great return policy (free returns). So you can try stuff out and return it if you don’t like it. That’s where I got the Dell G5 laptop for work that I’m on right meow. Good luck!

I’m a Mac user for almost 10 years, and I
Love it, I wouldn’t recommend you to get the MacBook Pro, since the MacBook Air is awesome, the real life performance is almost the same, and the battery last easily for two days of moderate work, you could use the extra money you save buying the MacBook Air, upgrading the ram and ssd memory