Method To Trim Nested Components

I need to trim this joist (component) which is made up of nested components (rails and web). I can manually trim each component but is there an easier method? I thought of creating a plane and then using intersection, but I don’t want to explode the joist. Thanks.

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Which end do you need to trim? If the squared off end, try FredoScale. It’s a while since I used it so I may be remembering it wrong, but I think you can use it to ‘stretch’ or trim ends of nested components, using what he calls ‘box scaling’.
See using fredoscale - Google Search

and watch the video tp see if it will do what you want.

Thanks John. I need to trim at the black line. I will explore FredoScale.

The line doesn’t look perpendicular to the ribs or parallel to the end. If it isn’t, I don’t think Fredoscale can help

Since the model has a number of these components already in place, I did not want to explode the component(s) and affect the others.

If you only have a few to do, Claire:
Here’s one method

  1. draw a rectangle through the line you drew, select in turn each component, open it for editing, then Intersect faces with model. Delete the ‘cutter’ face and trim off the ends.
  2. Make a solid cutter - a large block with a sloping face at the angle you want to make the cut.
    Get Eneroth Solid Tools, or an equivalent that doesn’t replace components by unnamed groups as the natvie Solid Tools does.

Then use the cutter to subtract frpm the beam, leaving the long end you want.

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Thanks John, got it. Had to cut plane, open nested components, paste-in-place, then intersect with model. Deleted some faces, but easy to repair.