Trimming complex groups without exploding them

I use groups in my architectural sketchup models. I build traditional japanese buildings. In order to make the model easier to build and change I make the joinery separate from the main meat of each structural member. (195.7 KB)

I used groups because the fact that components can change other parts of the model at the same time scares me in regards to the fact that I use the model for layout of each timber and it would be a disaster if other timbers were changed at the same time in the model and I didn’t realize it when laying out the building, and because each part is at times only slightly different it can be hard to see the small change
I wondered if there is a way to trim two groups that have smaller groups (particularly joinery) nested into a larger group which would be the timber used in the structural piece.

and finally, I tend to use Eneroth solid tools trim because it does not delete layer association which the Pro Trim does and irks me because then I constantly have to re-apply a layer after the trim.

thanks for any help!

You might have a look at the FredoScale plugin from Fredo6. (You need to install the FredoLib plugin library files as wel - the instructions will tel youl).

If I recall correctly (It’s a while since i last used it) there’s a Stretch command which will move the ends of nested groups or components within a selection window, without you having to open each separately for editing.

thanks kindly, I have that plugin already so I will look into it and try it out!