Messy circle borders

Hi SketchUp Team,

I diagramed a circle and made few other inner circles within it as show in the screenshot below; But when i copied the same circle the borders are not joined as you can see the blue lines selected in the inner circle. How do i join all these lines to make a perfect circle border?


Have you noticed a warning like this?

Looks like you have had some lines splitting the circles - perhaps some geometry on an OFF layer that is intersecting with the geometry that we can see…
The ‘dots’ are the ends of edges/arcs as set in the current Style.
That shows the ‘splits’.
You should make ALL geometry [edges, arcs and faces] on Layer0.
Layer0 should always be the active layer.
Layers do not ‘separate’ geometry when they are switched OFF.
They only control their objects’ visibility
SketchUp is NOT CAD.
To separate geometry make it into a group or component and assign another layer to that ‘container’.
Then you can switch that layer ON/OFF to control its visibility: safe in the knowledge that other geometry outside of that ‘container’ will not intersect with it etc…

@SPrithvi, not to pile on, but since you are interested in creating a “perfect” circle, you should attempt to construct circles with their “points” on-axis. That is, make sure you get visual inferencing feedback that you’re on one of the main axes when you draw the circle. That will make your objects line up better with each other and make your intersections as smooth and regular as possible.

You should get inferencing feedback of some sort before you click the mouse button every single time you draw anything.


Hi, Thanks for your comments.

But this is not a drawn circle, this is a copied circle; in the original circle i had lines in between to denote the centre of the circle. so when i copy from that i get this sort of a circle.

Edges (lines) break when they touch.
First isolate the circle by making it a Group or Component and then draw the lines.

@Geo Thank you So much i’ve undetstood it better… :smile:

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