Merging Corner Edges of Three Cylinders

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This is my first ever post on the forums, so I am sorry already if am violating any rules or something.

I am working on a 3D model of a buggy (from the game C&C Generals Zero Hour). The buggy has cylinder framework at the front. I have designed the rest of the structure but I can’t seem to smoothly join/merge the corner edges of three cylinders where they meet. I have attached the screenshot here.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s one way with solid tools. I did this with 3 identical cylinders in the blue, red, and green axes, so the quality of the intersection varies if your cylinders are not so cleanly aligned.

  1. Each cylinder is a group. Overlap the cylinders past the intersection. Save a copy of the cylinders as they are arranged!
  2. Select all. Choose Solid Tools Intersect.
  3. Arrange intersect group with cylinders. sliding each cylinder back on its axis to exactly the point of intersection. (could use push-pull)
  4. Select all and choose Solid Tools Union.
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Using Lines2tubes plugin, which puts the cylinders where you need them. Make cylinders from lines, then copy the three cylinders. Then extend (push Pull) cylinders to overlap. Perform Solid Tools interesect. Paste in place the original cylinders. Perform Solid Tools Union.

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This actually worked. Thanks a lot. I can’t believe I have been using this software for like 8 years and I still couldn’t do this.
edit: Hey sorry again. That worked for me if the pipes had an angle of 90 degrees in between them. My pipes are a bit tilted (requirement), and this very method is not working for me.

When I am using this method (the first one, without the plugin), for tilted pipes, they disappear when I click Solid Tools -> Intersection.

Another possibility is Profile Builder 3 from Mindsight Studios There is a free trial.

Thanks man. I’ll give it a try. I just saw the video and this thing is super amazing!

That is why @pbacot advised you to make copies first. The Intersection command leaves only the part where the objects intersect and discards everything else.

BTW, if your model is very small, faces might disappear because of that too. In that case, you could try using “the Dave method” (search this forum).

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Yes. And it occured to me later to use the copy command then paste in place after the the “intersect” command. The trick is, for the final union, having the cylinder ends aligned such that the end-circles on each share the same center point in space.

They won’t be super clean unless aligned at equal angles. The center lines of all the cylinders should intersect at one point, then it will probably work, but may look uglier as in the second example.

I was pretty sure SOME plugin could do this. I’ve not used PB for a while so I’ll check that out.

Well, indeed what actually helped me was using the plugin (Profile Builder).
With default SketchUp tools, only those cylinders which were perpendicular to each other were working well with pbacot’s method.