Menu window will not stay open

I am using the free web version of Sketchup on a Mac/Catalina 10.15.6. I have a new issue when I try to open the menu (control and single click on the track pad). The menu opens but goes away as soon as I release the click on the track pad). Only happens in SketchUp. Any ideas?

Are you referring to the menu in the top left corner?

What happens if you click on it without holding any modifier keys?

Please update your profile so it shows that. The correct information is helpful when trying to help you.

This is a known issue. It works ok in Chrome, but not Safari. I don’t know when it will be fixed.

You can work around the problem with a two finger click on the trackpad. That will act as a right-click, and the menu does stay showing.

No. When I select an object that I want to hide, etc, I press control and click on the track pad. The menu opens but if I release the select button the menu disappears so I cannot select anything. Again, only happening in Sketchup.

Ah… You’re referring to the context menu. Understood. Colin indicates there’s a problem in Safari. Have you tried it in Chrome?

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