Medeek Wall

Version 2.5.3 - 11.23.2021

  • Added a Custom Column Library/Manager in the Columns tab of the Global Settings.
  • Enabled custom sizes for Sawn Lumber, Timber and SCL(PSL,LSL,LVL) columns.
  • Created the Medeek Wall API: wall_regen
  • Enabled an additional wall justification option for all wall types: Sheathing.

*Note: Just a reminder that the Alt key is the hotkey for toggling the wall justification.

**Note: To call the wall_regen method:
Medeek_Engineering_Inc_Extensions::MedeekWallPlugin::Wall::MedeekMethods.wall_regen entity
where the entity is the Medeek wall group.

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Reminds me of a question I just had yesterday: Can a post be made to interrupt all the plates (top and bottom)? There are times when compression perpendicular to the grain of the plates is too much, so the post can take it, but the plates can’t. In fact it can be too much for the subfloor in cases (made that mistake on my own house), and the subfloor needs to be cut away to a PSL/LVL or concrete below.

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Wowzers! This is one heck of an update! Looking forward to diving in!

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Yes, there is a vertical offset parameter which allows one to have the column offset to the bottom of the bottom plate.

Also if you change the column height from “FULL” to a numerical value you can have it project above and through the top plate(s).

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Some updates are minor and some are more substantial.

The column update required modifying at least 10 files and took about five days of concerted effort, some of it quite tedious and I will say boring, but yeah, it is always worth it. Basically an entire rewrite of the in-wall column module, a lot of the code under the hood was reviewed and updated to bring it up to speed with the highly efficient beam module. Now all of the menus are HTML as well.

The addition of the API took all of 15 minutes to add.

The wall justification was only about another 1.5 hours of work.

Mostly it was me deciding whether it would muddy the waters too much to go from three options to four (front, center back → front, center, back, sheathing). You will notice that when you use the draw wall tool now it will show a small text near the wall length dimension letting you know which justification mode that you are in. The placement and the size of this specific text may yet require some fine tuning, I want that information to be available to the user but I don’t want it to be so obtrusive that it is annoyingly so. Feedback required…

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With regards to structural composite lumber and the new Custom Column Library. If you specify in the column name one of the following three key words, the plugin will then apply the appropriate material/texture:



Version 2.5.4 - 11.26.2021

  • Improved the organization of the HTML draw and edit menus for rectangular walls.