Medeek RC Plugin


Starting to think about the parameters of the Medeek RC Plugin starting with columns.

Here is an example of a typical rebar cage. Given the longitudinal bar spacing this column would require additional ties for the middle bars.

View model here:

The icon or logo for this plugin will be.

Medeek RC Plugin Icon:

Are there any extensions for precast concrete shop drawing

I’m not really sure how popular this plugin will be since I’ve only had a couple requests for RC Columns and Beams but I do find it intriguing. The major benefit of this plugin in my opinion would be the ability to fairly accurately determine the amount of rebar in a given project, this could help with estimating.


wow, imagine if you fully developed this one, i really wanted to try developing extensions but i guess its not my forte, im looking also for other options, softwares, for precast concrete structures and detailing, i guess you might want to consider and putting it inside the pipeline :slight_smile:


I’m just getting started on this one. I’ve got columns and beams I’m looking at but also various slab configurations. If you have any RC details that would be useful as part of the plugin feel free to send them my way.

What works well with plugins is finding ways to implement standardized elements, for example precast slabs:

  • solid flat slab
  • hollow core slab
  • double tee
  • single tee


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