Measurement Units Question

When I change the units between Decimal and Architecture, the displayed measurement is different, one is wrong (Architecture displays 11/64", wrong). What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

How is 1 1/64 “ wrong? You mean not as precise as the decimal measurement? 1/64 is maximum fractional precision.

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The answer is in your screenshot. In Architectural, units are displayed as 1/64" increments. In Decimal, they’re showed to a decimal point you choose. Totally different ways to show measurements. A measurement can be shown wrong if your dimension is finer than the display precision set to be shown.

1/64 is the same as .015625 in decimal form. The decimal readout is showing that there is a slight error in your model, perhaps.

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My bad (and embarrassing). My display is 5K, and from my viewing distance, this looked like 11/64", instead of 1-1/64". May be time for a vision appointment. :face_with_monocle: :crazy_face: :nerd_face:

Ahh, yes 11/64 would be very wrong. It’s a danger of fractions, our metric friends laugh at our quaint archaic 12 based system. But I still like it.