Measurement label stuck on 'Sides' not 'Distance'. How do I change it back and set height distance please

Help please. Im going through the first Getting Started tutorials “The playground one” and got stuck on sub tutorial 7 Array.

The text box in the bottom right hand corner was labled as distance, now its sides, how do I turn it back to distance please.?

Also I could not type in a distance number for how high to put in my first bar, I could only do it manually by rising or lowering the mouse to try and stop it on 10", before this you just typed in the distance. Why cant I do so now please?

But now not only can I not set the distance or height for the first bar the lable has changed to sides.

Also whats the text box called where you have the measurements so I know what the refer to please?

How do I change it back to distance


The dialogue changes based on the tool you are using. If you select line tool it will show as distance, if you select circle tool it will start as asking for sides then change to radius distance. Good luck

Do not try to click in the Measurements (aka Value Control Box / VCB) box. Just type values at the appropriate time(s).

How do I know the correct time, I tried typing , nothing happened hence thinking it was in the wrong mode.

What is the right time to set the height of the bar in that lesson and then the distance between it and the next bar if you cannot type it in as it says sides not distance

It is probably wanting to have a point picked at that time.
I haven’t watched the video, … what tool has been activated ?

EDIT: Okay, I just watched the video real quick.

The teacher activates the Circle Tool to draw a circle. This tool will allow you to set the segments and the VCB will change it’s label to “Sides” before you click the point for the circle’s center. Once you click for the center, the VCB will change and ask for the radius. (You can enter the radius or click a point to indicate the radius.)

In the video, the teacher has already drawn the circle, and then activates the PushPull tool. (He doesn’t tell the watchers that he has done this, but he should. He just activates the PushPull and then tells the watchers to pull the circle across to the other pillar.)

It is the change to the PushPull tool that has changed the VCB to the “Distance” label.

The lesson does not show setting the height of the bar. The teacher has the Circle tool activated and is using the midpoint inference so that the circle will be midway on the side of the pillar, but just draws it at an arbitrary height.

If you wanted to set it at a certain height, before drawing the circle as in the video, … you would activate the Tape Measure tool, hover on the bottom edge of the pillar until you get a midpoint inference, then move the cursor upwards, let go of the mouse, and type the height you desire and click ENTER. (A guideline is drawn at that height, parallel to the bottom edge of the pillar.)

After drawing the guideline, then draw the circle as in the video, (first getting the midpoint inference at the bottom of the pillar,) then moving upward to the new guideline, but wait for the “on Line” inference (with the red square when the cursor is hovered at the guideline’s height,) before clicking to place the circle’s center.

Make the bar a component as in the video.

If you want another bar, you can copy it with the Move tool. (Use the CTRL key to put the Move tool in copy mode.)

Thanks for that, So use the tape measure first. ok. Im used to other software where you would enter the height as you do it or they would mention about settign guidelines first. Thanks for pointing it out to tutors that they need to include all details that they take for granted but others new wont

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Well if they’d change it so an ENTER would accept the sides setting (or have a preference to toggle it off,) then at that point the VCB should allow a absolute or relative coordinates to be entered.

I’d also like the relative coordinate entry (ie, coords within < > brackets) to be from the current inference. FYI, coords without brackets or within [ ] brackets are absolute from the current axis setting.