Measure Map Pro kml to SU


I use Measure Map Pro by Global DPI to map coordinates, shapes, physical property boundaries by in tracking mode on aerial view. It exports to kml format and can be opened in Google Earth but fails opening in SU. I’ve tried converting kml extension to kmz but agains fails to open. Will certainly appreciate help in being able to convert/open the Measure Map file in SU. Thx


SketchUp can only import a collada (dae) model embedded in a kmz. It does not handle the native kml drawing elements.


Thx for quick response. Is there any work around?


SketchUp’s .kmz support has been built during the Google era and covers only embedded 3D models specifically for geo-modelling (actually Google extended the Keyhole file format for this purpose).

  • There used to be an extension (login needed for download) that can import standard KML features other than Collada 3D models, like tracks, polygons, overlays. Since KML has other entity types there is no 1:1 mapping to SketchUp. I assume it still works in SketchUp 2018.

  • You could try if there exists another file format to which Measure Map Pro can export and which SketchUp can import (.dwg, .dxf, .dem, .ddf) or for which there exists extensions to import (city-gml, .gpx?).