Maybe we need a 3D printing category


I’m starting to think that there is a special set of problems and considerations that apply to models used in 3D printing. Often with the present forum categories there need to be a few rounds of communication before it becomes clear that this is the context of the question, and it often affects the answer. Adding a new category could make it easier to arrive at and look up solutions.

Call it “Modeling for 3D Printing.”



That would be excellent. There is a large difference between a nicely textured “visual-only” model as so many models in the Warehouse are, but in order to have actual printed models of them first of all out goes the pretty texture, and them comes the grind of adapting said model for the printer where a number of failings may come to surface which would be simply irrelevant for “visuality”. Or designing a new model straight away for printing, which may require a slightly different ruleset. FWIW, I vote “aye”!


If I may come back to this subject, perhaps a bit of discussion might be in order. There are a number of points where the acquired wisdom of the “visual faction” - tongue in cheek, I’m hope I’m not offensive to anyone - clashes with the needs of the “printing mafia”.

For an instance, I’ve just been to the 3d Warehouse and got this sketch from M. Jean Lemire, where he graphically demonstrates the lack of need for excess detail:

Jean is absolutely correct that excess detail does not bring any benefit, quite the opposite, it only increases file size and computer workload.

However, if we look at it from the Printing Mafia - ok, speaking for myself only before someone voodoos me! - it’s exactly the opposite. Let’s see a modified version of the same.

This is what the 3dprinter sees, and what it puts out. For me as a physical model maker it’s important that for instance a planet Mars with a “decent” facet count as a base for a beautiful rendering, this will be quite useless for me as what I need is a good printed reproduction of a spheroid, never mind printed relief with all the mountains and rifts, craters, etc… Of course if I overload the model with excess detail, at least I can compensate that with the absence of rendering.

My two eurocents.


Category added! Check it out:


Thanks, @AlexB.


Edit: Well, maybe there are a few more details to the addition of the new category.


Great idea. It also looks like the issues Gully noted are fixed. Thanks!


Your welcome Gully! Great idea…So I can’t replicate your view? It seems to be showing up to me…maybe give it a few minutes to load since I just created it.

You won’t see it under the 3 bar drop down because it is a sub-category under SketchUp.



Great. Got it. Thanks again.


Hooray! The next round is on me! :beers: Thanks to the forum tech crew!