Maxwell free - any good?

I have a start up business and I am weighing up the pros and cons of Maxwell free vs licensed version. I only need to do simple renderings but do not know if this is sufficient… any thoughts?
Also I am struggling to get onto the Maxwell pages in my extension warehouse… anyone else finding this an issue?

Helps to create a list of all the uses you business has for renderings.

In general, free renderers do not allow for sufficient resolution to meet publishing quality (and the free license may not allow commercial use).

Have a look at SimLab Composer Lite. Free, commercial use, no water-mark and full 1080 resolution.

Hello Crowjam,

Maxwell for SketchUp doesn’t have a free version anymore. You can have it licensed, with 30 days demo, or unlicensed.
When unlicensed you can still launch renders using Fire (draft engine) with resolutions up to 1006x1006 pixels. 1006 is the maximum size you will get in any dimension. You won’t be able to use the channels, Multilight, production engine, the Network System, Denoiser, Tone Mapping, Extrasampling,…


Thanks for this Fernando

I wonder if you are the same one who is helping with my attempts to install the full licence Maxwell after some advice…

Hopefully this will be sorted soon and I will be able to enjoy Maxwell to its full potential

thanks again

Crowjam (Mark)

Oh, yes, I am. Haha!