Mars Incubator submission to NASA

Nick McGhee, who is another member of my local makerspace, MakeHaven, made a presentation of his team’s submission to NASA in a competition to design a habitat on Mars. They made the final 10 group, and the 3D printed model was made with the 3D printers at MakeHaven. He doesn’t work in SketchUp, in fact, he uses Solid Works, and another team member did the animation in Blender. Very cool design, though, and great presentation. The animation reminds me of @TDahl’s Mars lander animation, the Blender work made me think of @chippwalters, and the whole habitat made me think of @liamk887.

They have a website devoted to their project at and the video is on YouTube here.


Hi RTCool. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of a Lunar and Mars Habitat design our team did for NASA in the early 90’s using Electric Image and Super3D. The Mars project culminated in a CD-ROM called Marsbook. We build a full scale mockup at Johnson Space Center of the Initial Lunar Habitat.

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And now his team has advanced to the top three. Pretty cool.