Managing toolbar on Mac

I’ve been using Sketchup on Mac for several years and I’m frustrated that no improvements have been produced to effectively classify tools that multiply. I find that PC users find it very easy to work with a well-split screen between the working window and the tools window. Will Sketchup decide to finally fix this problem?

Do you use a lot of plug-ins all the time? I use sketchup on windows and Mac, I prefer to have a minimalist look, with only few tools on my screen, I use a plugin to create custom toolbars with plug-ins and I activate it every time I need to use them, for example I created one with plug-ins for organic modeling, another for BIM workflow, another with architecture tools and some more. I don’t think the UI must be fixed, but it’s subjective.

Try the Fredo6 extension LordOfTheToolbars. This extension allows you to configure exactly what you want to see. Very complete with lots of setting options.