Making components solid (non-merging)


Although I’m not new to SketchUp, there are one or two simple tricks I’ve yet to learn. Example:

How do I make components solid, so that you can’t move or merge one item into another. Let’s say you create an object with a 10mm diameter hole. You also create a 10mm peg. Now normally you can insert that peg anywhere in SketchUp, but how do you make both the cube and the peg solid, as in real life, so that you have to be accurate to insert one into the other. And if the peg is 11mm in diameter, it certainly won’t go in the hole. Does that make sense?

Hope someone can help? I’m using SketchUp 2013!



SketchUp does not impose physical constraints on geometry. SketchUp will let you insert a square peg into a round hole. Creating geometry that is mutually-consistent is the responsibility of the user (with lots of help from SketchUp’s inference engine, when modeling new geometry that is adjacent to or in proximity to existing geometry, such as concentricity).



You can’t, at least not in the physical sense you mean. Remember that SU is a surface modeller, not a solid modeller.

Also, Su is not “smart” in the sense of recognizing objects in the real world and knowing their constraints. Any object you create in SU can penetrate another. It will also automatically merge with the other if you don’t make geometry into groups or components.



It’s not quite clear, bu I wonder if you mean make things so they don’t stick together and merge their

If that’s the issue look up in Help how to make components and groups.



Sketchup doesn’t limit the interactions of components or groups in the way you want.

Perhaps the MSPhysics plugin might do what you desire, though I have no personal expereince with it so am not 100% sure.



Also, pegs we use in our construction are usually 8-sided, sawn and slightly bigger then the holes. The holes get deformed(and the pegs as well) when driven in.
You can try to visualise that in SketchUp, but…



So you are saying that you need to make the object into a component or group in order to use the solid tools to manipulate them? Such as the union tool, intersect, subtract, trim etc. ?



That’s the fundamental idea of the Solid Tools.




I kinda thought that but wasn’t sure. I’m very new to SU and a novice on computers. I ran into this problem recently trying to manipulate an object with the solid tools before making it an object or group. I wanted to union two objects into one and couldn’t get it to work. It was telling me that the objects had to be solid before the solid tools would work. Thank you for the link. Sketch On brother!