Make your vote count




Count for what?


SketchUp 8 is free for commercial use?


I think the last version from Google (SU 8 M1?) yes.


I remember it that way as well, the last version of SketchUp (free) that didn’t have commercial restrictions was SketchUp version 8 maintenance release 1.


It’s probably too late to influence any changes on the upcoming release, but having the user base express themselves is a good idea. Especially if it’s done in manner that isn’t ranting about (essentially) the unknown.

Besides, the poll is about the lack of excitement / anticipation noticed, which in itself is worrying. This may / may not be directly related to the product (or maybe even marketing thereof).

The fact that someone else re-posted / linked to it on another (this) forum shows that sentiment is shared and that people are passionate enough about SketchUp to give a hoot.


I’m guessing new release won’t be today then? Probably not tomorrow either (being the 13th of the month and all the superstition that goes along with that)…


How close / accurate should one expect annual releases to be to the definition of annual, ie. how much “grace” would be reasonable? Asking for a friend… :stuck_out_tongue:


the maintenance fee is the only part of the Terms of Service that has a fixed time span…

but the next version release always happens on the release day…



Voting is still open, see OP for link.


last day of voting folks, make 'em count!