Make thickness on a hull

How can I make this 3D printable ? Any tips ? right now its just a one sided hull, and is in 100% size.
In the end it should be down to 1:50 size and printed in two halfs
can’t make it to work… tried Meshmixer at no good… tried Fredo joint pust pull thicker… no good

bauge test ny.skp (6.8 MB)

You created your model on a small scale, with a lot of small edges.

Fredo JPP will work if you create a better surface

Too much and too small edges

thanks for tips
actually I have made it in full scale. the boat hull is aprox 30 meter long

Finally got it to print. made two hulls 2-3- mm apart In sketchup with reversed faces on inner hull

and exported it to STL. Actually 27 hours to print this in two halfs :slight_smile:

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I hope we will get to see your 3D printing results.

I´ll post a picture of it when it’s ready… in a couple of days :slight_smile: In the end it will be a model in 1:50 of this boat.

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