Make flat objects curved?

do you guys know what is the plug in that makes this windows curved like this curve?
I remember there was one that did this, but I’m not finding it… can someone help?

@marceltanure , There are proabably others, but Chris Fullmer’s Shapebender will work.
Define the “glass” as a component, define a curve and a straight line for the start/end along the red axis. See attachment.

Shapebender is fantastic, especially if you need to follow compound curves. Truebend is another that works well for single arcs.

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thank you!

thank you very much

Now I need to create a cavern for a game and is not getting the way I want. I need it curved but in the same length of the model and not going to inclined directions. Take a look.

Not quite sure what you want, It looks like shape bender is behaving as expected. Are you trying to curve the tunnel of the cave to the left or right?

not left or right, I just want it to go straight

So whats the curved part?

Like so?

I need to have a curved entrance but then the rest can be a straight simple tunnel that goes backwards.
In the pic, the entrance is right but the rest not. I wish the entrance could connect smoothly with the straight tunnel.

maybe Iam using it wrong, what is your plug in?

I’m using truebend but shape bender works fine too. The problem might be that you are expecting to just curve some parts of the complex geometry and leave the rest unchanged which is tricky. You will need to have some surfaces stretch and others not and it’s not quite how the bending extensions work.

You might be able to bend the whole thing, then scale the front back down, to make a curved tunnel entrance. However your cave geometry looks complex for that. You might also be better off just trimming the cave you have with a curved cutter.

Can you upload the cave geometry in a response so we can have a look?

You are looking for something like this?


yes! exactly thank you very much. I already create a strange version here that kind of worked :rofl: :rofl:

What is the curved cutter that you said?

Drag the .skp file off your hard drive and drop it into a response window here in the forum to post your file.

the reason I need the tunnel is that Iam going to look in front of it, but the cavern both other sides wont appear

waterfall 3.skp (1.7 MB)

Ha! No I need the geometry before you bent it. Not the one from the image above.

never mind, I extracted it from the components.

now the other question I have is that I am trying to make faces in different coordinates

are there a way to create lines that are easy connected to each other? see in the video that I could not close the dots in order to make inclined faces

A surface will form between any three points. Make triangles.

I had to trace more line between them so I could make faces. I wonder if there are a plug in that make easy to create them without too much effort.